Condition of sharpening
We can classify sharpening problems as follows.
Blade shape changed and because of this scissors don't cut well.
Sandy surface of the blade became smooth and blade looks sharpened
Scissors cut easily at first, but the cutting ability doesn’t last for a long time.
  Case (A): Many cheap scissors finished in a short time have this kind of sharpening problem.
  Case (B): We generally regard this kind of sharpening as good.
But true sharpening is not to sharpen beautifully, so you have to be careful when choosing scissors.
  Case (C): We can find this problem also in case of (B). If shrapening was not done correctly, the cutting ability goes down fast.

“Tracks Scissors” sharpening is not for just sharpening the blade.
We do the adjustment process, process of recovery of blade strength, so the cutting ability lasts for a long time.

 When should you sharpen scissors?
It depends on following conditions.
①Scissors' quality
②Daily maintenance.
③How to use your scissors
④How you cut
⑤Repairing and sharpening quality

You can define blade quality by structure and material.
With good structure and material, they don’t need to be sharpened often, and cutting ability lasts for a long time.
You only need to sharpen minimum if your daily maintenance is good.
You need to sharpen more than usual in case when you cut many people, mainly men's hair, and you don’t change scissors according to cutting type or use one pair of scissors without rotation.
Regarding scissors for slide cutting or stroke cutting, you may prefer the one you got used to
Cutting ability and blade strength go down fast if you sharpen scissors in order only to sharpen the edge. It is important to repair and sharpen correctly if you want to use scissors for a long time.

QUALITY The duration of cutting ability is very important to be good scissors that are easy to use and that don’t hurt hair.
We try our best in all processes as selection of steel, heat treatment, design of scissors, and blade finish.

Material Blade which doesn’t rust, doesn’t fracture, doesn’t wear and which cuts well for a long time is an ideal, but there is no such a blade.
We need to harden steel when we manufacture cutlery, but on the other hand hard cutlery is easy to chip. And more carbon makes cutlery sharpener but rust easier.
Many steel materials for cutlery are being studied and developed, adding chrome is to protect them from rust or adding molybdenum is to prevent them from chipping . We choose most appropriate materials that fit in your needs.

Heat treatment Steel materials are different one another by the way of heat treatment (quenching is to harden the steel by heating and cooling, tempering is for preventing brittleness of steel, and annealing is the process of heating the steel and cooling slowly for normalizing the metal structure)
Generally, cutlery whose hardness is less 56 gives you soft impression, and cutlery whose hardness is more 60 gives you hard impression when using.
Cutting ability lasts for a long time if it is cutlery of high Hardness, and cutting ability doesn't last for a long time if it is cutlery of low hardness.
We choose materials' hardness according to materials' type and to what scissors are used for.

Structure design There are processes that we need to do delicately without arising any difference between each scissors ; “Urasuki” that is the important element of scissors, the process of making blade line, of shaving and of piercing.
These processes are done by hand before, but now NC machine can make all possible in accurate.

Blade making Making edge by wetstone and buffing machine, sharpening which decides angle of the edge, “Tataki” which is the process of adjusting edge balance….These are final processes of blade making.
These processes are done by a few artisans who do their work by hand and finish with 0.001mm delicateness, which is not be able to be done by NC machine.

Easy-to-use Easy to use and to cut are indispensable for hairdressers to cut hair without stress. By repeating communication between hairdressers and scissors' artisans makes it possible to create ultimate best

Easy-to-grip You can get scissors that fit in your hand by choosing from variety of handles. You can also modify the hole size, length, weight and balance of scissors made to order.

Easy-to-cut Hairdressers ask for different kind of cutting scissors according to their way of cutting hair (dry or wet cutting, blunt, chop, slide or stroke cutting…..).
And they also ask for different kind of thinning scissors according to the hair style they make.

 There are three important points for using your scissors comfortably
 for a longtime.
  To be scissors whose cutting ability lasts for a long time, it is important that blade structure and material are good.
  Daily correct maintenance protects scissors from damage, and therefore less sharpening.
  Sharpening is not to polish blade beautifully. You have to ask good artisans to sharpen your scissors so that cutting ability lasts for a long time.

 Important points to choose scissors
SIZE It is wrong to decide scissors' size according to your hand size.
At first you’d better change handle or adjust handle.
Use different scissors on different kinds of cutting It’s not good to use the same pair of scissors on all kinds of cutting.
You can cut efficiently by using different scissors on different kind of cutting.
Rotation using Using different scissors in different cutting and using scissors by rotation are important for using scissors for a long-time.
Thinning scissors If you are worried about hair damage, you need to reconsider cutting technique, scissors itself and maintenance.
Other important point You can tell us your problem because every hairdresser has a different point to take care of when choosing scissors.

 Point of maintenance
  After you used scissors, scissors need to be done maintenance.
  ●Pouring oil. ●Wiping by wash leather ●Screw adjustment
  Pouring oil to around the screw makes scissors open and close easily.
You’d better do it once a week.
Wiping blade frequently by wash leather protects scissors from damage.
You’d better do it every day.
Looseness of screw makes scissors cut worse.
About this problem, you have to tighten a screw.
To tight a screw too much makes scissors close and open heavier, so you have to Tighten moderately.