Customized scissors provide you pretty topics of conversation between you and your customers in the salon.
Moreover, these beautiful scissors will be very motivational for yourself.

on annular finger grip
A jeweled finger rest 1 pc. CRYSTALLIZED™
on finger rest
¥3,990 (12 colors) Limited Edition ¥1,575 (12 colors)
       *) ... CRYSTALLIZED™ is a registered trademark of Swarovski.
on thumb grip
on pivot screw
Engraved handles
¥3,990 ¥1,575 (12 colors) ¥5,250
Tailor-made A jeweled pivot screw 8 pc. CRYSTALLIZED™
on grip
Example Limited Edition ¥7,140 (12 colors)
A tiny charm CRYSTALLIZED™ color variations 3 pc. CRYSTALLIZED™
on finger rest
¥2,100   ¥3,990(12 colors)

Modifying Scissors
  We can modify the scissors to suit your needs from difference of size of hands, length/thickness of fingers and so on
  You can get really usable scissors for your own hands.
If all ready-made scissors never fit your large/small hands ...... You can choose your favorite handles from over 30 designs,
or we will lengthen/shorten the shanks.
If all ready-made scissors never fit your thick/thin fingers ...... We will enlarge/minify the finger grips. ¥2,625
If you feel the finger rest annoying, We will remove it,
or we just reduce the size of it.
If you prefer a little smaller blade We will shorten the blade for 2 – 5 mm. ¥2,625
Name on scissors (Imprinting/Laser marking) ¥1,575